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Travel agents beware: be vigilant with payment transactions!

Travel agents should remember to always be vigilant with credit card transactions as fraud continues to be rife in the travel industry. Here are some reminders of the most important Credit Card must-dos: Never process payments on a credit card without having the card/s present at the time of the transaction Check signature against original […]

Watch out for scams!

A scam e-mail requesting travel agents to submit tenders for UNICEF has been circulating. The full contents of the suspected fraudulent (phishing / scamming) e-mail appear below: Dear All, As part of its activities, UNICEF regularly uses travel agency services. You will find attached the call for tender that we are launching for the current […]

Safety advice: a liability issue for travel agents?

Terror alerts, disease and catastrophes continue to plague the world. How much negative information are you supposed to share with your clients? And, if you fail to share this information, are you legally responsible if something goes wrong?   In South Africa, travel agents are legally obliged to divulge certain information to their clients, according […]

Default Insurance Programme (DIP) scheme for BSP Southern Africa

Default Insurance Programme (DIP) scheme for BSP Southern Africa (The Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland)  Frequently Asked Questions   What is a DIP? A Default Insurance Programme is an insurance policy that covers multiple declared agents with a maximum coverage for all agents as defined in the policy. The DIP Provider […]

TBCSA tackles ORTIA airport queues

The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) has compiled a number of recommendations to address the issue of airport queues as a result of the implementation of the Amended Immigration Regulations. To ease the congestion at airports, especially at OR Tambo International Airport, in the short term, the TBCSA recommends the creation of a […]

All you need to know about BSP

Does BSP still have you baffled? ASATA has compiled a short document with everything you need to know, from what BSP is exactly, to how it works and BSPLink.  What is BSP? Global system Facilitates and simplifies the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA Accredited Passenger Sales Agents Improves financial control and cash flow […]

Changes to Australian visas

The Australian High Commission in South Africa has announced there have been some changes to the Australian visa process in South Africa, including the fact that some visa applications will need to be done online from 19 November onwards. The High Commission is also in talks with TLSContact to improving services in South Africa by […]

Lengthy airport queues to cause festive season havoc

Lengthy queues at OR Tambo Airport as a result of the new immigration regulations are expected to cause major havoc during the upcoming December holidays. The Board of Airline Representatives South Africa (BARSA) has called for urgent intervention and the immediate suspension of biometrics for the duration of the December holidays as the best way […]

Thailand: what your clients need to know

A call has been made for visitors to Thailand to respect the mourning period in the destination, following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on October 13. While most public services are unaffected, a range of entertainment, sport and cultural events have been cancelled or postponed, and guidelines have been issued on acceptable behaviour. According […]

The travel agent of the future

The travel agent is here to stay! This is the main message in a recent Skift report that looks into the role of ‘The Travel Agent of the Future’. Also ASATA has examined the future of the travel agents in South Africa today and in the years to come in its research ‘The 21st Century […]